About the Module Index

Mundus is able to automatically keep an updated version of the module index. This means that updates, or new modules, can be pushed to users without needing a release.

Internally, it uses a really simple versioning scheme. When a new module is pushed, the client detects a version it does not have locally and downloads it. If it’s the first release, it has a version number of 1. It is later incremented with each update. Finally, older versions are automatically deleted, but are kept online just in case.

Online Browser

Although the index was made to only be used by Mundus, you can view an online version here.

Grace Period

When an update is released, the index is branched, so that users who still haven’t performed the update aren’t left in the dark. I have decided to keep the outdated branch online for 2 (two) weeks after the release. Hopefully, it will be enough time for everybody to update.

After the grace period has passed, users trying to download the index will start receiving 404 errors, and switch to offline mode.

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